6 Benefits of Flexible Talent

images-3Do you have an upcoming surge in workload where you need extra hands on deck? Are you looking for a specialized background or skill set for a specific project or initiative? Have you been considering hiring a contract worker to bridge a staffing gap? If your answer is yes to any of these, then you could benefit from a temporary contractor.

It is expected that 40% of the US workforce will be made up of part-time or contract employees by the year 2020.  According to the General Accounting Office, there were 42 million freelance and contract workers in 2014.  The use of flexible talent is on the rise and will continue to increase as our nation and business change.  There can be many benefits to utilizing temporary or contract staffing.

This is especially the case in the marketing world.  We have placed marketing contract talent over the past 17 years for a variety of needs…maternity backfill, hiring freeze, product or campaign launch, additional workload, no full-time equivalent, interim project, unique skill set, etc.  The use of flexible talent with the right experience allows for marketing departments to have sufficient resources to plan, strategize, execute and think.  And, as we know, when the right resources are in place, exciting things can happen.

imagesHere are six ways you could benefit from the use of flexible staffing:

  1. The project or mission of your company can continue while the staffing gap exists.
  2. Experienced talent requires minimal onboarding and can hit the ground running to make an immediate impact.
  3. A specialized skill set can be brought in for just one part of the project or initiative without having to cover a full-time equivalent employee.
  4. It can be cheaper for the company since benefits, bonuses and full-time salaries are not involved.
  5. Contracts can be written for as short as one day, three months, one year or however long is required with the flexibility to end as necessary.
  6. An influx of new ideas, varied experience and different perspectives can recharge and positively influence departments and projects.

As you plan for upcoming staffing gaps, programs, projects and overall workload, think about the benefits of flexible staffing.  If you need help finding the right person for your unique need, give us a call – it can be the solution you need for long term success.

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