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3 Health Benefits to Women Friendships

I recently celebrated a 50th birthday for a close girlfriend.  We all toasted our girlfriend but, more importantly, we toasted our long term friendships and how much they mean in our lives. Milestone events tend to trigger reflection and introspection as well as celebration. And truly, a good group of girlfriends cannot be over estimated…

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6 Steps to Excellence

I am a tennis player. Well, let me re-phrase: I own a racquet, attend drills and clinics, and play on an organized club team. While I do not aspire to a be a top level player, I do like to hold up my end of the bargain. Yesterday, I played a tennis match and it…

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To Lean or Not to Lean?

To lean or not to lean…that is the question! Sheryl Sandberg’s book has generated a multitude of responses — some positive, some mixed and some outright hostile. The most common complaint theme seems to center on the onus that Sandberg puts the burden on women to change, rather than challenging extra factors that present to most women.…

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