Career Moves for Seasoned Marketers

Are you an entrepreneur at heart or someone striving to accomplish a better work/life balance? Has the economy threatened your job security or is your office cutting full-time employees? Or, have you simply had it with commute times draining your energy and gas tank? If your answer to any of these questions is a resounding “yes,” then becoming an independent marketing professional may be your next great career move.

As a marketing contractor you can offer expertise and skills to businesses seeking dedicated help. A company may need supplemental people power to manage projects or address staffing shortages by temporarily adding one or more smart marketing professionals. By hiring a seasoned freelancer, an organization can optimize its performance or quickly expand capacity as needed.

Consider the following benefits of being an independent marketing professional:

  • Flexibility: As a consultant, you can enjoy numerous scheduling options including short-term, long-term, part-time or full-time placements. Veteran talent often work onsite, offsite or from home. Whether you are most creative late at night, in a graduate program or want to be available when your children get off the bus, you can select commitments that work best for you.
  • Variety: If variety is the spice of life, engaging in multiple assignments throughout the year can be fulfilling. Different tasks, settings and roles enable you to use your broad history of work experience without getting in a rut.
  • Freedom: Many contract positions provide the advantages of working in an exciting environment without the hassle of the career grind. Each client and project offers a new situation in which you can be the expert. Diverse projects can keep you engaged and positioned as a hero who brings best practices to the table.
  • Financial Rewards: Diverse assignments can deliver excellent compensation and regular paychecks. Although temporary placements don’t typically provide employment benefits, hourly fees paid to tenured marketers are compelling.
  • Esteem: It is energizing to see your fresh approaches and ideas make an immediate impact on a temporary employer. Whether contributing high-level strategic thinking or roll-up-your sleeves tactical activation, you are appreciated as someone who can hit the ground running, manage an independent assignment or integrate into an existing team with finesse.

Temporary assignments are ideal for savvy marketers who want to continue or build a rewarding career, reenter the workforce after a family leave or corporate reorganization, or simply keep a toe in the professional waters. Does this career path have your name written all over it? If so, strike out on your own or work through a niche placement firm that matches clients with uniquely qualified marketing candidates to seize opportunities.

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