How to Find the Right Social Media Partner

You know that social media has moved mainstream, far past the late-night entertainment of teens. Statistics and sales are tracking positive results driven by hundreds of social media tools. It is time for you to jump on board, but there’s a significant learning curve, the field continues to evolve and you lack the knowledge to embark solo on this journey. What’s a savvy marketer to do? Work with a proven social media partner!

These days everyone is pitching social media — creative shops, public relations agencies, large online marketers and specialized firms. So you ask, who is right to support your business? The answer is all of these potential contributors are important for different reasons. That said, who should lead strategy and execution? You can better identify this important partner by addressing the following key questions:

  • How long has your organization been executing social media efforts?
  • What percentage of your revenue comes from social media activities?
  • How many of your people – and who — are exclusively dedicated to the practice of social media?
  • What social media practices do you use to handle crisis management?
  • What processes are in place to monitor relevant or “high risk” blogger activity that can impact a brand?
  • What social media tools do you employ for measurement and monitoring?
  • What metrics do you use to track client campaigns? Do you have enough data to benchmark results?

Most important, your social media partner should not just be qualified to help you connect your brand with the millions of folks online, they need to perform the other tasks that intertwine with Social Media. Search engine optimization and web development are all part of the Social Media game, and other games like casino games, as this online casino australia which is a great option to play online. Find the partner you need to safely and productively test the social media waters, not the partner who needs you to test the waters in order to build their “social media case study chest.”

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