Women Friendships – the Power of 5

il_340x270.351839394I recently read that you are the sum of your 5 closest friends. In other words, they can be a validation of your values, choices, and goals. They can reveal how you see yourself and what your priorities are. So when I reflect and look around me, I realize that I am blessed beyond belief and (pat on the back) have chosen very well. I have consicously built a support system that encourages success, provides sounding boards, instills motivation, and of course provides lots of  laughs. These ladies are outside of my family, so they are the icing on my cake and make it well worth eating.

Here are a few tips on who you need in your innermost circle:

The sounding board – She is the rational friend who is logical and smart. She will tell it like it is and hold no punches. This can be a challenging role but can be handled with grace and love. She will hold you accountable but also have your back in any situation. She is solid!

The inspiration  – She is the friend who has boundless energy and juggles more balls than anyone you know.  This friend draws you in and as you peek behind the curtain, she just gets better and better and inspires you to be and do more. This friend is one who encourages and builds you up with positive energy.

The confident – This is the friend to whom you open your heart without feeling judgement or criticism. You can just let it all hang out about life, kids, relationships. You can brag or reveal without any holdbacks or holdovers. This friend holds your heart and guards it fiercely. This is often done over long walks over many years!

The spiritual guide – We all need a friend to bring perspective and wisdom to your life. When we get to focus on us, this friend helps us focus outward, upward and deep inward. This friend demonstrates her faith and leads by example.

The organizer  – She is the get is done girl! Before you can even finish asking, she has a check list written and is out the door. This is the most dependable woman and first person you call when you need a helping hand. Need research for a trip? Need an organizational chart? Need a training chart? She is your girl!

Women friendships  are reflections of yourself. They represent different parts of you and your personality. The biggest blessing for me in my circle of five is they are all friendships worth cultivating and investing time. They add to my life rather than drain it. I am of the age when time is precious, so to carve out time with friends needs to be worthy. And boy are they!!   The belly laughs, the tears, the analysis, the gossip, the inspiration, and did I mention, wine??

Perhaps a dreamer in your life will inspire you to dream in new ways. Perhaps a career charger will light a fire under your feet. Or maybe a nurturer will help you discover the empathic skills you bury deep. An organizer to balance the “trail” side of you…How does your circle add up?

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